cropped tee

This shirt is HOT. Like you’re gonna look HOT in it. HOT people are gonna be super nice to you. We’re not supposed to have favorites... but we fucking love this HOT shirt. It’s light, breathable, soft, cropped and, can we say it enough times? HOT! 

Paired with a bold statement, this is guaranteed to be a wardrobe staple that you will find yourself turning to more often than not, whether you’re feeling a little rebellious for family dinner or trying to be THAT girl at the darty, get ready to be more obsessed with this shirt than with your follower ratio.


Devil’s in the details:
- 65% poly, 35% viscose
- flowy fit, tailored sleeve
- machine wash cold
- 100% domestic manufacturing and fulfillment


sizing chart for women's cropped tee

Length: Center point of shirt to bottom hem

Width: Seam to seam (below the arm)