three ways to (fabulously) style our cropped peach hoodie

 The Y2020K

No one’s had a better COVID szn (or life...or brow lift…) than Miss Bella Hadid. She’s been serving looks, as per, still with a mask, just trolling SoHo oh-so-elegantly. And we want to honor that. This fit, pastel but still including a baguette bag, is watered-down Bella for those that don’t want to fully commit to the #Depop #Y2K #Vintage #ChildrenSizedButThatJustMeansCropped vibe. (Side note - those shirts will feel like we’ve fully made it the second we reach some posh London girl’s depop.) This fit is for those of us that became obsessed with literal ICONS Lindsay, Britney, and Paris during 2020. What better way to cope with 2020 than to pretend it’s 2005, right?


The Hangover (not feat. B-Coops)

We’ve all had that night during this vicious cycle of lockdowns and quarantines and Q-tips shoved up to our prefrontal cortexes and eating inside an enclosed tent “outdoors” and Zoom meetings until 10 p.m. where we want to hang up, hang out, and...drink. Copiously. This fit is not for that night. It’s for the hangover the next day. It’s for when you feel awful but refuse to entirely show it. It’s for when you pop an Advil and exfoliate your face, HARD, after passing out with your makeup on - as if the sins and loving texts to your work friend that you don’t know well enough can be scrubbed away. It’s cute but it’s casual: it hits on trends like “teddy” material and maybe a bag from Staud but still allows plenty of room for a glorified sweatsuit. So, throw on this cropped hoodie and some trendy-yet-cozy outerwear and head to that inside-but-also-outside brunch and frantically scroll through @deuxmoi’s stories and participate in @wemetatacme’s polls, baby. You deserve it.


The Adapter

My therapist keeps saying over Facetime that I have to focus on the silver linings of 2020 or whatever. Fine, lady - there’s the silver lining that I can be a little lazy and it’s totally socially acceptable. This look embodies the way we have all adapted and evolved during this year, and I’m not talking about Miss Rona herself evolving into a new fucking strain across the Pond. I’m talking about the ubiquitous Zoom lewk of business up north, party down south: consider this the weekend version. Banter up top, booty on bottom. It might be a little seasonally confused, but it IS cute and cozy, and sultry and sporty. Perfect for running your one essential errand after your overpriced Pilates Zoom class - just don’t tell us you’re still doing Chloe Ting.


Styling by Madi Kahn (@madiizk on Instagram)

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