How do I wear a black hoodie? Let us count the ways!

Girl, young woman wearing hoodie "you look better six feet away" in an all black outfit with leather pants



Viral, the Other Kind

Let’s get real about the shitshow that was 2020: TikTok slaps (and our Sunday TikTok marathon proves it). But more importantly, the teens of TikTok look a whole lot better than we ever did at that age. This is how to look cool, calm, and collected just like the real stars of 2020: it’s giving me Matrix, but make it hot. Perfect for LA (did someone say Saddle Ranch?) or the West Village where you’re not-so-subtly stalking TC. Or, this fit is at least perfect for pretending to be a bicoastal elite legend. This look is perfect for going viral to a grungy throwback song and for creating an air of enigma. Black surgical mask required, but not pictured.

PS If you don’t know who TC is, you should probably look into other stylistic choices, because this look is Lily-Rose Depp worthy.



young woman, girl wearing black hoodie embroidered with "you look better six feet away" and a cute white jacket and outfit, good for tennis

The Can’t Deliver but Can Deliver 

Even though it would be so much easier to just continue to abuse Instacart and Amazon Fresh and, let’s not lie, Caviar and UberEats, sometimes you’re in a bind and need to actually head to a real-life, brick-and-mortar grocery store. We don’t care if it’s Erewhon, TJ’s, Whole Foods, or whatever your local grocery franchise, you will need a slight power fit to get through it, we know. Because no, even though you can wear sweatpants and flip-flops off camera on Zoom, you may not wear them to run errands. Zoomless life still exists. So tug on your Air Forces, preferably a cleaned or new pair that hasn’t been destroyed by a frat party or bar and face some human interaction.



young woman with black embroidered hoodie "you look better six feet away" with loose jeans

The Unisex-y I.

There’s nothing like staying cool and comfortable in a truly universally flattering fit. This look is designed to look good on everybody - black hoodie, sick jeans, boots quite literally made for stomping, chic outerwear. It’s for all of us who are resisting the push back to *gulp* low-rise skinny jeans by highlighting looser-fitting denim. The girls, the gays, the theys, the anybody can pull off this look and feel a certain #swag doing it. It works in London, it works in LA (you’ll just be a little sweaty).


Styling by Madi Kahn (@madiizk on Instagram)

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