LOVE that for you: get inspired with your oversized shirt

The Au Lieu du Ski

Only the select few (and very brave) geared up for skiing this winter: those who care enough to get season passes, reserve tickets so that the mountain doesn’t fill past 25% occupancy...all that jazz. And listen, this fit is for those of you too. But it’s especially for those of us who have always preferred après-ski to well, ski. Now, it’s instead-of-ski, not just after skiing. With snuggly, snowy boots and a warm puffer, you don’t have to be at Cloud Nine to look dressed to the nines.




The Bar-Skip-not-Hop

The bar-skip: not quite a bar-hop, because, well, you can’t do that right now. Anywhere (but Texas). This is for the bar-SKIP: the drinks date at yet another indoor-outdoor situation. There’s no better accessory than a socially distanced, COVID-negative date you found on Hinge. And nothing says power like monochrome, so enjoy that mandatory bar snack while you loosen up and then go home after exposing yourself at one place, because we get it: sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. And please, use protection - we suggest a white N95 mask ;)


The Unisex-y II.

If the Unisex-y I is for London, this is for New York: it’s another fit that screams “sexy on everyody”, it just feels a little more Film Major instead of Skater Grl/Boi. (Guys, just get over it and buy black skinny jeans or pants already - they don’t even need to be THIS skinny, but a pair should be in your arsenal.)


Styling by Madi Kahn (@madiizk on Instagram)

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