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Our signature apparel drives chest-baring gazes up by 378%* and gets the conversation going before you even have to. Our fine embroidery, minimalist design, and premium quality materials will keep you in style wherever you’re vibing.

Explore sizing and product details for our different styles below.

“Oh, is it one of those shirts?”

Devil’s in the details:

  • Super soft, midweight and extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Exceptional quality
  • Side seamed
  • Highest labor standards
  • 4.3 oz. Material: 100% cotton


    It’s Sunday. We know this isn’t your first rodeo. You went out, you have 50 unopened texts, 7% battery and 3 brain cells left. You just want something easy and soft yet stylish to wear while you try to avoid dissociating. This is it. Sunday scaries are objectively not possible when you are wearing our gorgeous premium fleece hoodie, designed to cure discomforts of the physical and existential variety. 

    Devil's in the details

  • Premium heavyweight 
  • Double ribbing side panels add stretch for a more comfortable fit
  • Double fleece lined hood
  • Handcrafted and cut cross-grain to limit shortening and shrinkage 
  • Heavy duty cotton drawcord
  • 13.5oz Material: 70% cotton / 30% polyester

  • This shirt is HOT. Like you’re gonna look HOT in it. HOT people are gonna be super nice to you. We’re not supposed to have favorites... but we fucking love this HOT shirt. It’s light, breathable, soft, cropped and, can we say it enough times? HOT! 

    Paired with a bold statement, this is guaranteed to be a wardrobe staple that you will find yourself turning to more often than not, whether you’re feeling a little rebellious for family dinner or trying to be THAT girl at the darty.

    Devil’s in the details:

    • Cute, boxy fit
    • Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage
    • Side-seamed with crew neck
    • Short body, dropped shoulders
    • 5.3 oz. Material: 100% cotton 

    Length: Center point of shirt to bottom hem

    Width: Seam to seam (below the arm)

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